Luna Pizza, Fredericton

Hello, friends. Welcome to the first in a new series wherein I review the poutine at various restaurants. Poutine is pretty much my favourite thing ever. If I wasn’t scared of getting fat, I would seriously eat it every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since I am scared of getting fat, I usually only eat poutine when I’m at a restaurant with people but am not really hungry enough for a real meal, or when I’m really drunk. Eating junk food late at night is part of my patented hangover evasion system, and the humble poutine contains most all of the major hangover-fighting components. Onward!

The Contender: Luna Pizza, 91 York Street, Fredericton NB

When were you there? Sunday, November 23; 2:00am-ish

How much? $4.50, (taxes included) got me a “regular,” but there were also “large” and “jumbo” options.

The experience: Note that I’d had a good amount of whiskey and beer by the time we made it to Luna, so interpret all this as you will. Dan and I ordered poutines while Matthew ate a slice. Matthew hated his food, by the way. I usually find the slices at Luna fall into the “meh” to “very good” range, but Matthew insisted his had too much cheese. How is “too much cheese” even possible in any situation? Ok, anyway.

Our poutines showed up at the counter in rectangular styrofoam containers with plastic forks jammed in the lids. Nice touch, folks. Anyway. The fries were medium crinkle-style ones, which I contend make the best poutine foundation. I presume these are frozen fries, but they were reasonably crispy. The gravy was passable, but a little too salty. Probably from bouillon or a can. I couldn’t discern if it was supposed to be chicken gravy or beef or what. It was a little dark to be chicken, and a little pale to be beef. And, and, and. Shredded mozzarella. Aw. Shredded mozzarella on poutine kills puppies. It also makes it not poutine, but the similar (and pretty delicious although bastardized) disco fries. Cheese curds, people. CHEESE CURDS. I can’t stress that enough.

The verdict: I was drunk, starving, and cold, so this piping hot load of goo turned out to be the best thing I (or anyone in the history of mankind) has ever eaten. I will most likely have Luna’s poutine again because the food options after last call in downtown Fredericton are abysmal (real talk), but you may want to avoid it if sober.

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13 Responses to “Luna Pizza, Fredericton”

  1. Shin Says:

    Disco fries? Looking at that Wikipedia article, it’s pretty plain to see that white folks the world over love cheesy, goopy fries, call it whatever they will.

    The last slice I had from Luna was bad too. It wasn’t cooked enough. Super fail.

    Ah, Real Talk. Much like poutine, if you don’t experience it for a while and then come back to it, it’s extra good.

  2. mary Says:

    Yeah, I think I was present for the dough-y veggie slices you had. Yuck. I think Jack’s was lined up out the door on Saturday night, so we took our chances with Luna rather than standing around in the cold. I’m not sure if Jack’s has poutine either, but their pizza is at least more consistent. Luna also boasts what might be the greasiest salad I’ve ever eaten. Their ceasar is drowned in garlic mystery dressing, but I still crave it from time to time.

    I hadn’t thought about Real Talk since we were watching it all the time last winter, but it crawled back into my brain the other night. So good.

  3. PR Says:

    We went to Luna’s a little while after they moved into their current location and the pizza pretty much sucked. Liz also had one of the drenched salads and wasn’t so crazy about it.

    Yay for poutine reviews though. Keep ’em coming. As far as I can tell, surprisingly few places here actually bother with the cheese curds, even though nearly every restaurant in town has some variation of poutine.

  4. mary Says:

    I heard a rumour that the Sunshine Diner has the best poutine in the city, although that may not be saying much. Scrud used to work there and he claimed they had the curds shipped in from Quebec. I obviously need to investigate. Also: Deluxe makes a surprisingly decent poutine, cheese curds included. The one in Brunswick Square was my go-to place when I lived in Saint John.

  5. Shin Says:

    Jack’s does (or did, pre-summer, at least) have poutine. I never dared try it (real talk). The sign that used to advertise it was hand-drawn in marker and taped to the front of the counter.

  6. mary Says:

    Ha, Luna has similar signage, I think. Patrick is playing a show at ye olde Capital Complex on Thursday night. If I end up going to this, I’ll probably indulge in a Jack’s poutine on the way home.

    This is the other band playing:
    They remind me of a less-dreary version of The Smiths or Magnetic Fields, at least in some places. What say you?

    Edit: oh, look at that. Morrissey and The Magnetic Fields are their first two “influences” listed on MySpace. I have a good ear for who’s ripping off who, I tell you what. 😛

  7. JP Says:


    Luna suxx.

  8. aimee Says:

    I’ve heard many-a-claims that Alexandria’s in Halifax had the best poutine there. I thought it was decent but everyone kept raving about it. You should investigate further. This is all critical info.

  9. mary Says:

    Funny you should mention Alexandra’s… last time I was down there Jillian had a “Greek poutine” from there, which was basically a wad of disco fries with feta on top. I had a forkful and enjoyed it, but I plan to embark on a more thorough fact-finding mission when I’m there next month. Also on the Halifax poutine hit list: Fries & Co. I actually had one down there last time, but I was trashed and can’t tell you much about it other than that at the time I thought it was kind of expensive.

  10. PR Says:

    I’m pretty sure Jack’s also uses shredded cheese. I had one a month or two ago. I think it was okay though. Definitely pretty big!

  11. Panik Says:

    If you ever have the pleasure of going to Amherst, NS you should stop in at Bambino’s. They had the best poutine ever. I gained 30lbs from their poutine and panzerotti’s…honest.
    Hopefully they haven’t changed their recipe. Apparently they used a special combination of chicken and beef gravy. I don’t remember the percentages but I remember it was delicious. I’m positive they used curds but they used straight fries not crinkly ones. I personally preferred the straight fries. I found they soaked up the gravy better.
    TRY IT! If your in the area that is.

  12. mary Says:

    Maybe I’ll make Jen P stop in on the way back from Halifax after Xmas! Hey look, they have a website:

    There’s something on the menu called, “Mark Allen Donair Poutine.” Good lord. 😛

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