Jack’s Pizza, Fredericton

On the advice of several of my regular commenters, I decided Jack’s Pizza would be next on the poutine hit list. This is also an appropriate counterpoint to the Luna review because Jack is Luna’s natural rival, in as much as they are both greasy, by-the-slice pizza joints located in the Tannery who make their bank at the expense of hungry drunks like this guy. For those not familiar with Fredericton, “The Tannery District” is the area downtown with the most bars, and a few years ago the city tried to class it up by installing some fake wrought iron “gates” and signage. Really it’s just a corral for the lumbering hoards set loose every Thursday through Saturday at 2am. ANYWAY. The consensus among people I know is that the pizza from Jack’s is more consistent and generally superior to Luna’s. But what about the poutine?

The Contender: Jack’s Pizza, 379 King Street, Fredericton NB

When were you there? Wednesday, December 3; 6:30pm

How much? $4.50, (taxes included) got me a poutine. I don’t know if there were other sizes available. I assume not as they didn’t question which size I would like when I ordered. I’d also like to note that there were several signs in there boasting that Jack’s is home to the largest poutine in town. I call shenanigans on this as the cost and portion is identical to Luna’s. DON’T BE FOOLED, FRIENDS!

The Experience: Regular readers will know that I got a tattoo on Tuesday night and it hurt like a motherfucker. I’m in no condition to be cooking dinner, so I figured some take-out was in order. Plus I had to meet my buddy JordanZ down at Read’s to pick up a TwoAutumnsAgo print I purchased from him and his lovely wife, so it was easy to swing by Jack’s before heading home.

It took maybe about five minutes from the time I ordered until the poutine appeared at the counter. It was in the same kind of styrofoam container as what you get at Luna, but I had to jam the fork in the lid myself for easier carrying.

Once home, I dug in. Luna’s got the crinkle fries going for it, but Jack’s one-ups them with fresh cut frites. I’d say they were just a hair overcooked, as some of them were a little more golden than they should have been. But the texture was about right. The ones not soaked in gravy were crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Good work on the fries, Jack’s pizza.

The gravy was similar to Luna’s as I again could not determine the animal from which it was supposedly derived. I’ll just assume it came from a chicken cow. But there was something extra in the bouillon, not just an obscene amount of salt. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Garlic, maybe? Whatever it was, I approve.

Oh, and more mozzarella on the poutine. SAD FACE. This is a huge POUTINE FAIL, but I discussed that last time.

The verdict: I hadn’t had anything approaching a real meal for at least 48 hours prior to this, so I was pretty stoked about my poutine. Maybe I should start doing these reviews when I’m not desperate for sustenance. I bet I would not be as forgiving. Anyway, if it’s late and you’re looking for poutine from a pizza place in downtown Fredericton, Jack’s is the clear choice.

7 of 10

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