Daryl’s Montréal Poutine Adventure

I’ve always been curious what people from outside of North America make of our culture’s penchant for all things greasy and cheesy. Last year Daryl from Singapore visited Montréal where he tried his first poutine at the tiny Patati Patata on St-Laurent. He confesses to usually not liking cheese very much, but here’s his video review.

via The Curious Foodie

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2 Responses to “Daryl’s Montréal Poutine Adventure”

  1. Hawk Says:

    Haha! That’s great. Favourite lines:

    “It’s like soy sauce and salt,”

    “That was really challenging,” after eating a piece of cheese.

  2. Clark Says:

    Now I wish I’d had a poutine for breakfast. Best line:
    “I think I could eat this once, maybe twice before I’d go crazy and die.”

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