William’s Seafood, Fredericton

The Contender: William’s Seafood, Exhibition Grounds, Fredericton, New Brunswick

When were you there? Friday, September 18; 8:00pm

How much? $4.25 + taxes

The Experience: William’s is an independent fast food-style restaurant. There’s lots of faux-wood formica, and no glass or stoneware in sight — everything here shows up in styrofoam or cardboard. As the name suggests, they mainly serve seafood, along the lines of [fish of your choice] and chips.

I was genuinely surprised at how busy it was when I visited and there were only a few empty tables of about fifteen. Not that William’s has a negative reputation, but the exhibition grounds are a strange location and not near any other eateries, save for a Tim Horton’s.

The procedure here is that you order and pay at the counter, and if you’re going the “for here” route, they bring the food to your table. I didn’t think to time exactly how long it took from ordering until my food was in front of me, but it defintely seemed longer than you’d normally wait for fast food. I had time to read and refresh Twibble several times, anyway.


When it arrived, the curds were soft and perhaps starting to melt, but not there yet. The poutine might have been better if I’d let it sit and congeal for a few minutes with the lid on, but I was quite hungry so I got to it right away. The sauce was pale chicken gravy with little green bits in it.  My palate is not sophisticated enough to detect what the green bits were.  Parsley?  Summer savoury?  Those are my best guesses.

I couldn’t really tell much about the fries, either.  I believe they were good.  Enough cheesy gravy goo had seeped into the depths to prevent me from eating many fries without it, so it’s difficult to evaluate them on their own.  My fish and chips experience at William’s says they were probably fresh cut but maybe a little limp from being left under a heat lamp.  And you know those really long fries you get at some places, and you look and think, “Wow, that potato must have been HUGE?”  There are none of those here.  Little French fries, made from regular sized potatoes are what you get. Those are fine by me, but a lot of people seem to have a preference for long, skinny, McDonald’s-style fries.

When I was about finished, I noticed the gravy left in the bottom of the container had the consistency of meringue or slightly runny mayonnaise.  I could form it into soft points with my plastic fork and it might bake up nicely as a topping for chicken pot pie or something.  Kind of gross like this, though.

The Verdict: I was disappointed with this overall. I know I’ve had the poutine from William’s at least once before, and I remember it being one of the better ones I’ve had in Fredericton. The lukewarm, gelatinous gravy is what killed it for me this time. It’s not awful, but I’m going to stick with their fish an’ chips from now on, which are pretty great.


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4 Responses to “William’s Seafood, Fredericton”

  1. Travis Says:

    My family actually has deep roots in this restaurant. My father and his brothers grew up in downtown Fredericton and frequented William’s on a regular basis. To this day they can recite what their daily specials are(they never change). As you know I can see Williams out my window, but we never go… my wife thinks it is disgusting, lol.

    • mary Says:

      Trip says he and his high school friends used to hangout at William’s constantly because one of them was dating a girl who worked there. They used to chain smoke and loiter for hours, I hear.

      Lisa has a point, but when you want grease and you’re on a budget, it’s a solid choice.

  2. Patrick R Says:

    That poutine looks a little sad. Cheer up, gravy fries with cheese!

  3. Melissa A. Says:

    Thanks for the link! I’m always tempted to get the poutine, but I usually only go on Good Friday and always get fish and chips (I’m non-religious, just a tradition).

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