Thanksgiving Poutine

Here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October. Like, when the harvest is in. Not in late November when the [former] tomato plants are already atrophied under a layer of frost.

I didn’t think I’d find these kinds of poutines showing up until early next week as and ingenious use of Thanksgiving leftovers, but whatevz.


I’d totally eat that, mainly because turkey + gravy + peas is such good shit, I can only assume the addition of fries and curds is mind-bending. I’m also thankful the cranberry is on the side. Anything else would obviously be overkill.

Via @miss_michelle

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3 Responses to “Thanksgiving Poutine”

  1. aimee. Says:


  2. cindo Says:

    this reminds me of our holiday poutine last xmas at about 4 am. after a long night of celebrating, my brother and i and our s.o.’s came home and made poutine with turkey AND stuffing on top. AWESOME.

  3. Melissa A. Says:

    Yes to everything but the peas.

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