The Garrison District Ale House II

The Contender: Garrison District Ale House, 426 Queen St., Fredericton, New Brunswick

When were you there? October 6th, 6:00pm

How much? $6.99 + tax

The Experience: I caught some flak for my last review of the GDAH’s poutine, in which I gave it 4 out of 10.  Not “flak,” per se, but I did get a series of emails from the owner who wanted me to come in and act as a poutine consultant, trying different recipes and helping them make it better.  I agreed, but he stopped responding to my emails after a while.  In addition, the consensus on Giraffecycle seemed to be that their poutine is actually quite good as-is.

So I gave it another try, thinking perhaps my first poutine was an isolated fail.  This seemed plausible, since I’ve been satisfied (and sometimes very impressed) with every other meal I’ve had there.  Unfortunately, the poutine somehow managed to be worse than the first time.

The fries were warm, but the gravy was tepid at best.  As I munched away, I noticed what I thought was a cheese curd completely coated in the dark brown gravy.  Nope.  Just a wad of cold gravy, gelatinous enough that it could easily be picked up with a fork.  And there were several of them:

Apologies for the photo quality, it's not well-lit in there and my camera phone doesn't do well in the dark.

Apologies for the photo quality, it's not well-lit in there and my camera phone doesn't do well in the dark.

In addition to its unappetizing texture, the gravy was also over-salted.  By a lot.  So much so it made anything it touched close to inedible, and I found myself trying to scrape it off the fries and not-at-all-melted cheese curds as I ate.  Luckily its gelatinous state made this fairly easy to do.

Unrelated to poutine: my dining companions were also unimpressed with their meals during this visit (a pasta dish, and a meal-sized salad, respectively), and I know my friends at Our Word of Mouth also recently had an unsatisfying experience there.

With all that in mind, I’m not sure what’s up with the GDAH right now.  Their cocktails are great, they have an impressive beer selection, and the service is typically excellent, but the food is becoming inconsistent.

The Verdict: This poutine was disappointing, doubly so because this was the second time.  Shame on me, I guess.  I can’t endorse it, and I definitely can’t endorse charging $7 for it.


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2 Responses to “The Garrison District Ale House II”

  1. Mike Hawkins Says:

    Somebody needs a whisk. Holy.

  2. The Saint John Ale House « Delicious Poutine Says:

    […] is “just starting to melt.” In this case they were totally melted, which is still better than cold cheese with cold gravy, but not what I’d prefer. However, the curds were stretchy, and I’m told this is an indication […]

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