The Cake Is A Lie

A delicious, delicious lie.

Ronna is a poutine blogger in her own right and she created this poutine cake to celebrate the birthday of her incredibly fortunate partner.

The “french fries” are Sara Lee pound cake cut into fry shapes and toasted. The “cheese curds” are made out of white chocolate and the “gravy” is dulce de leche.

Can I get an om-nom-nom?

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7 Responses to “The Cake Is A Lie”

  1. aimee Says:

    That looks…beautiful!

  2. Philip Clark Says:

    that’s amazing

  3. daniellemary Says:


  4. Tan-Nee Says:


  5. Let Them Eat Poutine « Portland Poutine Says:

    […] Via Delicious Poutine […]

  6. Dave Says:

    I know what kind of cake I want on my next birthday . . .

  7. Natalie Says:

    Ronna is a very talented artist, and that skill extends to her cake-istry!

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