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Poutine and Cupcakes

November 25, 2009

Together at last!

On Sunday, Montréal hosted its first Cupcake Camp, a fundraiser for Kids’ Help Phone. Though the Cupcake Camp concept originated in San Francisco, several Montréal bakers put a decidedly Québécois spin on their creations:

via @LauraCarmosino

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Clever Cupcakes submitted the winning entry in the “Best Montreal Theme” category. Yes, that’s Youppi emerging from a poutine. On a cupcake. My mind is blown.

Hat tip: @Mark_Black


Eggs Benedict Poutine

November 23, 2009

You know what would increase the deliciousness by, like, 30%? Some crispy bacon crumbled on top. That’s a powerful breakfast, right there.

Updated: actually, now that I look closely, it looks like there might already be some bacon on there, hidden under the hollandaise. They thought of everything!

Via This Is Why You’re Fat

The Cake Is A Lie

November 20, 2009

A delicious, delicious lie.

Ronna is a poutine blogger in her own right and she created this poutine cake to celebrate the birthday of her incredibly fortunate partner.

The “french fries” are Sara Lee pound cake cut into fry shapes and toasted. The “cheese curds” are made out of white chocolate and the “gravy” is dulce de leche.

Can I get an om-nom-nom?

Gravy Fail

November 18, 2009

I’ve consumed some questionable gravy in the course of this project, but if this showed up in front of me, I’d send it back. And I never send food back.

What. In the. FUCK.

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Lobster Poutine

November 16, 2009

Found at the Ottawa Food and Wine Show.


I admit it. I would.

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