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We Are But the Stuff of Poutines

October 5, 2009

On a recent episode of CBC Radio One’s WireTap, Jonathan Goldstein recounts an ongoing argument with his friend Josh. Jonathan has vivid recollection of “a fancy high-end poutine restaurant, with a wine list and everything, called Raspoutine” located on Montreal’s St Catherine’s Street in the 1980s.

Josh thinks I’m lying, or when he’s feeling kind, that maybe I just dreamt it.

“I didn’t dream it,” I say. “There were cloth napkins and something called the Beau Jolie poutine.”

Poutine is a combination of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds. But when I Google “poutine” and “Raspoutine” for evidence, all I get is French-language Russian history sites, Vladimir Putin, and Gregory Rasputin.

“Maybe you’ve lost your mind,” Josh says. He makes a good point.

There is something about poutine that drives men to insanity. Just eating the stuff is a kind of madness. So much so, that in the future, the surgeon general might require all restaurants that serve poutine to have defibrillators right along side the fire extinguishers.

Download the WireTap episode “We Are But the Stuff of Dreams.”