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Festival de la Poutine

September 18, 2009

Phyllis and Kris of the blog Me HUNGRY! hit up Drummondville, Québec’s second annual Festival de la Poutine on September 5th, consuming seven poutines in a single day. They’ve posted a thorough review, including lots of photos.

“Poutine inversée” from Restaurant Auguste in Sherbrooke:


Featuring official guest chef of the second annual Festival de la Poutine, Danny St-Pierre, who was introducing his ‘reversed poutine’, cute little potato croquettes filled with melted cheese curds and gravy. Kris said it reminded him of Burger King’s cheesy tots. Tasty, but we still prefer poutine the original way.

“Poutine aux doights” from Chez Louis Poulet et Pizza in Drummondville:


I was almost tempted to try the poutine aux doigts, the first time I’d seen poutine with chicken fingers on top! You couldn’t help but notice the giant banner announcing “Goûtez à notre toute novelle poutine aux doights!” which means “Try our new poutine with fingers!” (notice the actual human fingers with the scissors in the photo)

Other fun facts:

  • Drummondville is one of several Québec communities claiming poutine as their own invention
  • Most of the poutineries there use a peculiar gravy which includes tomato sauce as a key ingredient

Read Phyllis and Kris’s full report here.